The vision of Island Capital Group is to find new and creative opportunities to profit within a broad range of real estate related activities.  Be it an advisory role, management of our investment funds or working to develop and integrate our portfolio of real estate services businesses, we strive to maximize value in each and every opportunity for our investors and clients.  We customarily act as a principal and controlling equity holder in our transactions, bringing together our capital, our contacts and our expertise in order to create value.

At Island, we identify opportunities in both a “top down” and “bottom up” fashion by taking a proactive approach to sourcing investments that is consistent with our investment theses and leveraging our extensive network of banking, brokerage and institutional relationships. We utilize a detailed asset underwriting process, leveraging the broad and diverse experience of our professionals to successfully navigate and structure complex transactions with various financial, legal, regulatory and operating issues.  After acquisition, we apply an intensive, proactive management style that we believe is a key component to achieving our target returns.

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