C-III Capital Partners LLC

Island Capital Group is the controlling parent of C-III Capital Partners LLC, which is headquartered in Irving, TX.   C-III Capital Partners, led by a management team with extensive experience and a track record for creating value, provides innovative real estate equity and debt solutions tailored to address the needs of clients and investors. C-III Capital Partners is engaged in a broad range of activities, including primary and special loan servicing, loan origination, fund management and principal investment. 

C-III Asset Management LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of C-III Capital Partners, is one of the largest commercial mortgage servicers in the country, as the named special servicer for approximately $130 billion and the primary servicer for over $16 billion of commercial real estate loans.   C-III Asset Management is rated ”Strong" for special servicing and "Above Average" for primary servicing by S&P and "CSS1" and “CPS2", respectively, by Fitch. C-III Asset Management also has the highest ranking from Morningstar for special servicers, "MOR CS1."

Through its registered investment advisory subsidiary, C-III Investment Management LLC, C-III Capital currently manages over $3.7 billion in assets.  Our investors include some of the largest pension fund plans, university endowment funds and insurance companies in the United States, as well as private equity firms, private pension plans, fund-of-funds and high net worth individuals.

C-III Capital directly employs approximately 360 professionals with experience in real estate asset management, operations, loan servicing, real estate brokerage and title services; and its subsidiaries collectively employ an additional 1,000 people. 

For more information on C-III Capital, click to: www.c3cp.com.



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